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Kimberley H, Personal Career Coach


Before starting my NVQ I had reservations as I had previously completed NVQs with another provider and found this a chore. However, upon starting this NVQ I found the Assessor to be really friendly and helpful. I was guided through each section of what was needed to be completed and what each section entailed.

I found the whole experience to be quite easy, the only thing I found difficult was finding the time to do the actual work as I have a busy work day and have a small child at home, so to try and fit all this in has been a challenge.

I am not the most academic person and because of this I did not carry on with my education after leaving secondary school. However, I have found my Assessor to be supportive and encouraging, making the duration of the NVQ a much nicer experience.

I had regular meetings with my Assessor in which she would read my documents and ask questions around this. I was able to contact my Assessor through email and email my work, for her to check I was on the right lines.

I would have no reservations in undertaking another qualification if I were to receive the same support again.

Corin O

Advice and Guidance NVQ level 2

I started my Advice and Guidance NVQ level 2 last May with a little trepidation. Id not done any real studying for quite some time and being a new father was unsure Id have the time, but as it was part of the required qualifications needed to be able to carry out the new job I was doing, I signed up. I started soon after and met my Asessor who assured me there was nothing to worry about and that most of the work centred around the work I was already doing.

The coursework was indeed around the work I did and once I got used to actually writing down what I did on a daily basis for someone else to understand, the assignments were done relatively quickly. It helped that my assessor was only a phone call or email away should I need any assistance. During every appointment she would check the work already completed, clearly set out fresh objectives for me to do and agree another date for our next meeting.

Im pleased to say that not only have I completed level 2 Advice and Guidance, but I have gone on to complete level 3, which was a continuation of the work already done for level 2. This has given me the confidence to go on and do further courses. I have recently agreed with my assessor to undertake a level 3 Customer Service Apprenticeship and hope to have completed this by next year.

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