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NAS Chief Executive responds to Panorama programme

David Way, Chief Executive of the National Apprenticeship Service, responds to the Panorama programme on Apprenticeships:

“I am very concerned for the apprentices who appear to have been seriously misled by poor quality training providers and would like to reassure current and future apprentices and their families that we are committed to making sure their experiences are as good as they can possibly be. We are clear that all Apprenticeships should offer employment, new learning and a nationally recognised qualification and where apprentices have been let down this isn’t good enough. I would urge anybody in this situation to contact us on 02476 826482 or at nationalhelpdesk@apprenticeships.gov.uk

“Where there are problems with training providers or quality isn’t up to scratch we tackle this vigorously. The NAS and Skills Funding Agency are aware of all of the cases raised in the programme and we have been working closely with these providers for some time to address and resolve the issues raised and ensure the best outcome for learners.

“We will continue to work with employers of all sizes and sectors who, like Morrisons, make a vital commitment to Apprenticeships – they offer employment opportunities and develop the skills of new and existing employees including those who don't have functional literacy and numeracy skills. This investment in skills benefits the employer and supports economic growth.

“The vast majority of Apprenticeships are of excellent quality and most training providers and colleges are working hard to raise standards and expand programmes into new sectors and increasingly at the equivalent of degree level. I hope that a relatively small number of so-called Apprenticeships do not harm the overall reputation of vocational training which has expanded so strongly and successfully in recent years; nor do I want this to deter employers from recognising that Apprenticeships are a great way of passing on their skills to the next generation; or those colleges and training providers that I meet up and down the country who show such passion for high quality Apprenticeships.”

For further information and original source please see - http://www.apprenticeships.org.uk/News-Media/Latest-News/Article137.aspx

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